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New Testament in Slovak - cassettes

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Audio Scriptures International (ASI), founded in California in 1989, now has its beautiful Portrait of Jesus arrangement of Scriptures from the Gospels and the "God's Powerful Savior" arrangement from Luke available from its web site in 85 different languages. At you can listen to these in Real Audio or MP3 player in whatever language best communicates for the listener.

Bible Gateway Audio Bibles
The Slovak Bible is available to be listened online in audio form, allowing you to hear the richness and power of the texts. It was originally recorded by Aurora Ministries.

Faith Comes by Hearing: Bible Recordings

Language: Slovak
Version: 1997 Slovak Bible Society
Selection: New Testament
Dramatized? Audio Drama
Media Type: Cassette
Primary Country: Slovakia
Geographic Region: Europe

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Evangelistic recordings in 4,800 languages.
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Portrait of Jesus cassette in Slovak
Words of Life Cassette in Slovak

Joe Hodul

Joe Hodul
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Joe Hodul has recorded different things on tape. I think he worked with in the past-Audio Scriptures International.

Multi-Language Media

Multi-Language Media
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Portrait of Jesus
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This audio cassette is a selection of passages from the Gospels interwoven to give a beautiful, compelling Portrait of Jesus in the words of the Gospel writers.

Available in English..AENG-L9P...